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The mission of the Interuniversity Research Center for Organizational Analysis is to contribute to the strategic decision-making of governmental, para public and private partners through the production and transfer of high value-added academic knowledge. Recognized for its credibility and neutrality, Cirano has nearly 25 years of experience with significant benefits for partner organizations and Quebec society. With nearly 280 researchers and more than 2000 publications, Cirano values collaboration, interdisciplinarity, observation and criticism, and scientific rigor.

Desjardins Group is the leading cooperative financial group in Canada. It comprises a network of caisses, Desjardins Business centres and Signature Service centres, and some 20 subsidiary companies in life and general insurance, securities brokerage, venture capital and asset management.

Ivado is a Québec-wide collaborative institute in the field of digital intelligence, dedicated to transforming new scientific discoveries into concrete applications and benefits for all of society.

Polytechnique Montréal, the engineering university, is one of the most important engineering education and research institutions in Canada. True to its mission since 1873, it has trained over 50,000 engineers, specialists and researchers. Thanks to the activities of its professors, employees and students, Polytechnique makes important discoveries in all areas of engineering and technology, and its achievements are disseminated throughout the world.