Academic Courses

Three required corporate and market financial analysis courses to be taken:

  • IND8122 : Industrial Financial Analysis (Fall 2021), 3 cr.
  • IND8115 : Technology and International Competition (Fall 2021), 3 cr.
  • IND8123 : IND8123: Financial Technologies for Engineers (Winter 2022), 3 cr.


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Corporate Mandates - Fall 2021

Study of the uses of cryptocurrencies

Study the behavior of liquidator-users to understand how to integrate this currency into a formal payment method.

Development and simulation of risk management models

Study, understand and translate mathematical theses in order to transform them into implementable algorithms for Société Générale following the changes to the Basel agreements.

Study of interest in financing innovations in biomanufacturing

Understand the potential, financing and ethical issues related to ethical issues related to innovations in the field of bio-manufacturing.

PolyFinances Week

Polyfinances Week, a reformulation of our Fintech Day, is a series of events that aim to bring together the student and professional community to discover the Finance and Technology ecosystem. Conferences, activities, workshops, competitions and networking sessions will be given by professionals working in the industry. A wine and cheese reception and a case study competition are planned to close this activity.

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