Why ?


A privileged access to the future graduates of Polytechnique Montreal

By partnering with us, your company will not only be in contact with the 16 members of PolyFinances but also with the 7500 students at Polytechnique Montreal through the comity activities. The comity conferences, receptions and participation to a variety of activities including forums and interuniversity competitions will insure a quality representation for your organization among a major university center for Quebec and Canada. Our different partnerships give you a better visibility with all of Polytechnique Montreal futur graduates.


A representation among professionals and professors working for the comity

The different publications of PolyFinances will allow you to generate a positive image of your enterprise to the comity network. This network is composed of students, graduates, university managers, professors and professionals and is maintained by the publication of document like our sectoral notes and annual activity report.
This network also allows to maintain a link between the comity and the various stakeholder involved in the comity’s activities this is why each speaker receive a file that present the role, the activities and the team of PolyFinances. Those publications are also used as a tool by the managers of the various engineering programs at Polytechnique Montreal to follow the commitment of the students participating in PolyFinances.


Acces to the know how of PolyFinances

With publications like the case study or the detailed analysis of PolyFinances’ portfolio, the comity allows its partner to access the particular expertise developed by its member during the three classes followed. Those documents are the basis of our investment decisions and are reviewed by the professor responsible of the Financial Analysis class. They are the work of the students and are only available to our major partner.