Paris, London and Geneva

After taking an interest in assurtech, the PolyFinances cohort will focus this time on Open Banking and on artificial intelligence applied to retail banking during 2019-2020.

As the financial ecosystem diversifies and new players on the market modernize the service offering, large banks face large-scale technology transformation challenges to meet the needs of an ever-changing customer base. . With the increase in connectivity of objects and the accessibility of data, consumers are now looking for a service that is more adapted to their needs. Thus, financial institutions and FinTechs are currently trying to develop technologies such as open APIs and artificial intelligence in order to offer a more consumer-centered service offering.

The team sees the major opportunities for artificial intelligence and open banking in retail banking at three levels: the personalization of financial products and services, decision support and the prediction of customer behavior. However, with these opportunities come several issues: the issue of financial data in terms of its treatment and sharing and the issue of regulation surrounding the development and ethical use of AI applied to services. As a result, the industry is facing a growing need for innovation and a host of challenges in the development and implementation of these disruptive technologies, which will be studied for our students.

In order to fulfill the 2020 mission, the study of Open Banking and Artificial Intelligence begins in Montreal, where the city is fortunate to be the second largest global AI center in terms of importance and where the FinTech ecosystem is evolving. Then, the team will fly to Europe at the end of the year to visit three leading cities in financial and technological innovation: London, Paris and Geneva. The dynamism of the FinTech ecosystem, the major investments in the field of AI as well as the maturity of the regulations in terms of Open Banking make these cities the destinations of choice for the study of the theme. Combined with the importance of these financial centers in the European ecosystem, the team will be able to learn more about finance and technology and analyze how Canada could build on the approach of these countries to fostering growth of innovation in its financial sector.

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For 9 years now, the students of PolyFinances head for a one-week campus abroad. This campus consists mainly of visits in financial institutions and in conferences on the annual thematic. Furthermore, the PolyFinances experience is completed with additional mini-campus during the year.

Each year, an annual theme is chosen and the destination of the campus is decided consequently. This way, each team from PolyFinances that succeeded each other had the opportunity to visit financial places of global importance mainly among the north American continent.

During these campuses, the students were able to meet with the enterprises which draw the global financial landscape.

Campus 2016: Boston

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