Campus 2018

Silicon Valley and Toronto

The financial technology sector or FinTech sector is made of several firms that specialize themselves in one aspect of finance (payment, insurance, etc.) that they try to improve using innovative technology. In the last few years, the investment of FinTech sector has grown significantly. Among the technologies used, AI attracts major investment from several companies, such as the investment of 4.5M $CAN by Google in Montreal. Moreover, the Quebecor Government has dedicated 100M $ in artificial intelligence research.

By going to Silicon Valley during the Campus 2018, the PolyFinances team will be interested in the FinTech industry and more specifically in data science and artificial intelligence. This region represents an essential pole for the data science study and the technological innovations developed can be used for example in risk management. Polyfincnance will focus on the Fin tech During the Campus 2018, and more specifically on Data science and AI.

Fintech in numbers


Billion US$ invested in FinTech in 2016


% of growth between 2015 and 2016


of the 50 leading FinTechs are in San Francisco


venture capital companies are based in Silicon Valley

Previous campus

For 5 years now, the students of PolyFinances head for a one-week campus abroad. This campus consists mainly of visits in financial institutions and in conferences on the annual thematic. Furthermore, the PolyFinances experience is completed with additional mini-campus during the year.

Each year, an annual theme is chosen and the destination of the campus is decided consequently. This way, each team from PolyFinances that succeeded each other had the opportunity to visit financial places of global importance mainly among the north American continent.

During these campuses, the students were able to meet with the enterprises which draw the global financial landscape.

Campus 2016: Boston

Previous destinations and thematics