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Since its creation in 2011, PolyFinances has helped to train a new generation of engineers. Highly qualified technically, the 17 members of the committee will also be able to understand the financial stakes of a project as well as to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a technological company, taking into account its economic and commercial environment.

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Our project

The PolyFinances project enable the implementation of a pedagogic training allying theory and practice. The future engineers are lead to address financial market concepts and economic analysis of companies.

Having industrial economics notions in thoughts, they study company-evaluation techniques which allow them to manage a portfolio worth 50 000$CAN in assets . With the help of this educational pathway, they will be able to create relations between economics and financial notions of the firms and the technologies of each engineering type.

In order to arm its members with the best tools, the students follow three mandatory classes:

This educational background is completed by many presentations animated by professionals from the industry which allows them to create a bridge in between theoretical knowledge and the reality of financial markets.

To crown it all, two campus are organized during the year. The team is flying to important financial places to assist to different course-presentations and to visit many financial institutions.

Our objectives

Manage an asset portfolio of a value of 50 000$CAN with the knowledge learnt in their academic’s pathway. It allows them to create a real relationship with the financial world and the markets’ reality.

Publish on a weekly basis a serie of sectorial notes that describe the financial and economic situation of the technology firms in order to make clear investment decisions.

Develop an open source web application using Node.js and Angular 4 to assist in the management of the portfolio.

Assess investment opportunity with the sector analysis.

Increase awareness of Polytechnique’s students to finance through workshops and presentations offered in house about personal finance management.

Promote the participation to stock exchange simulation competitions (Montreal stock exchange, SBIU, ect.)