Will Canada Goose’s action reach the symbolic $ 100 mark this year?

The Canada Goose (TSE: GOOS) action received 13.2% in 2019 at the close of March 8th. The share rose 62% over the previous year.

n late December, Canada Goose became the victim of a geopolitical conflict when Huawei senior executive Meng Wanzhou was detained in Canada under a US arrest warrant. Later, Xi Jinping, the Chinese president, threatened the boycott of Canada Goose, which planned to open its first store in China in Beijing in the same month. This announcement proved disastrous for the action of the coat company, which saw its price fall below $ 60.

Finally, investors’ fears proved useless because Canada Goose opened its store successfully, which allowed the value of the stock to rise until early February, when the results were announced. 3rd quarter.

In the past year, the Canadian company has recorded a 50.2% increase in revenues to $ 400 million. Net income stands at $ 103.4 million, or $ 0.93 per diluted share. The future looks promising for Canada Goose. For the year 2019, the company also expects annual growth in adjusted net earnings per share of 40%.

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