Canon announces its new technology, a ceramic 3D printer

Canon, the japanese company well known for its expertise in photography and printing has recently announced the development of a brand new 3D printer using ceramic. Even though they have had some difficulties with their last 3D printing model, Canon has decided to go forward in the field by developing a new machine and a new material.

3D printing has evolved in the last decades so much that it’s easy to find a multitude of machines and materials on the market. That being said, it is hard to make a model in ceramic because of the properties of that material. Under the effect of the heat, ceramic tends to reduce in size by as much as 20%, making it hard to have an accurate model in production.

Contrary to its previous model who wasn’t able to compete against the lower prices of its chinese competitors, Canon has now developed a product that could interest numerous sectors such as the industrial sector, the medical sector and obviously the technological sector. Designed at its headquarter in Tokyo Japan, the product has not yet been release on the market and no release date has been announced.

In the stock market Canon has encountered a difficult year having a fall of 23.33% of its value since the 1st of January 2018. We can ask ourselves if this new 3D printer will first do better than its predecessor which should happen otherwise Canon should seriously think about getting off that market. We can also as ourselves if this new technology will be able to affect positively the financial situation of this company. It is a hard prediction to make, but the lack of significant variation in their stock price after this announcement does not let me think it can nor will.


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