CRTC investigation into deceptive sales techniques: telecommunications giants forced to justify themselves

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) closed a week-long public hearing on Friday, October 26, 2018, as part of an investigation concerning the sales tactics of large telecommunications companies at the national level. Several companies, including Vidéotron, Bell, Rogers, Telus, and Shaw, were interviewed to gather their impression on the quality of their customer service and the regulatory adjustment options in place.

This inquiry is based on a request from the Minister of Industry, prompted by the numerous allegations made during the recent years by consumers regarding misinformation, pressured subscriptions and subscription difficulties to which they were subject. Beginning in July, this hearing is the third phase of the inquiry following consultation sessions and a survey supervised by the firm IPSOS. In quantitative terms, the survey found that one out of four Canadians affirmed that they had experienced in the past year sales techniques that they considered aggressive or misleading in this sector. Door-to-door solicitation and bad customer service are also practices strongly denounced by consumers.

In general, industry players seem to agree to identify the most delinquent as Bell, sometimes even expressing it explicitly on the part of Videotron. Affirming, for the most part, to behave exemplarily, they have not failed to recall the rigorous training offered to their employees and the distinctions received in terms of customer services. They argue that targeted measures should be applied by the CRTC and that not everyone has to suffer the consequences of their competitors’ misconduct. The investigation report to be filed by February 28, 2019, will reveal whether or not these recommendations will be considered by the Commission.


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