Possible Sale Of Toys”R”Us Canada

With the approval of US courts, Toys”R”Us is preparing to liquidate its inventory in the United States. Despite the likely closure of US stores, Canadian stores continue their normal operations.

“Toys” R “Us Canada is run from Canada and operates independently of US operations, while continuing to be a stable and profitable leader in the Canadian market,” as said in a statement. Canadian industry leader Melanie Teed Murch added that the entire Toys”R”Us and Babies”R”Us stores in Canada could be the subject of a future transaction. A possible acquisition would keep the 82 stores in operation in Canada.

The Toys “R” Us brand has marked the childhood of millions of people around the world in the last decades. An acquisition of Canadian stores would keep the brand alive. Toys “R” Us enjoys a stable cash balance and reserves position in Canada which could be very attractive to potential buyers.


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