Bell Makes a Huge Step in The Race to 5G

The development of 5G in Canada made a breakthrough thanks to a strong strategic alliance between Huawei and Bell Canada (BCE: TSX), the first bringing along the results of its extensive research in the field to the huge, well-established network of the second. As a result, the two companies successfully completed the first trials of Huawei’s 5G (Multiple Input Multiple Output) and 8T8R (Wideband Antenna) oriented technology on the 3.5 GHz and 28 GHz spectral bands from Bell. All on a real clientele in Ontario.

This success represents a significant step forward for the Canadian society as it can now realistically explore the various opportunities that such technology could bring. This is an opportunity that it’s immediate competitors (Rogers, Telus and Quebecor) can not afford yet as they have not yet officially performed similar tests successfully.

Moreover, in the era of the “Internet of Things”, the exclusive control of this new technology provides the leading position that Bell aims towards in its long-term strategy. According to the remarks of CTO and Vice President of Bell, Stephen Howe, “Bell’s strategic focus on broadband expansion and service innovation has been key to our transformation into a wireless leader in Canada. The success of our first tests in 5G and these new WTTH trials in rural Canada underscores the very first generation of broadband technology in Canada. ”

That said, Bell is not stopping here. They just announced a major project to implement 5G technology, also called “WTTH” (“Wireless To The Home”) in rural centers. Therefore, it will be interesting to see if this will be a success.


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