A brand new speed

The needs in terms of speed of internet networks are constantly increasing. Customers want faster mobile services that can connect multiple services. This trend is not about to slow down. With the advent of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, the speed requirements of Internet networks will be exponential and that is why 5G matters so much.

The 5G allows download and upload speeds never before seen and without the need for a physical connection. The network will allow, among other things, to connect five to ten times more objects between them according to the association 5G PPP, association in charge of deploying the network in Europe. In addition, the telecommunications company Ericsson expects an increase in the use of mobile data and the traffic of this type of data will increase by a factor of eight between 2017 and 2023.

This technological innovation will greatly change the way data is processed. It will serve not only to track the data needs of the population, but will propel industry 4.0. For example, in the transport sector, the speed of this network could make the presence of autonomous cars on the road more conceivable, or also allow the creation of smart cities.

In the short term, the telecommunications companies compete to be able to offer this brand new network first to their customers in order to conquer new market shares. For business customers of telecommunications companies, this news will most likely be welcome, despite the fact that it will change several industries in the coming years. In addition to making the transfer of information faster, the cost of data will be reduced. For individual customers, it seems that this speed is not necessary, but more and more household appliances such as refrigerators and heating will have the ability to connect to a wireless network and transmit information which will make the speed offered by the 5G necessary.


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