Glimmer of hope for Hydro-Québec

While several cities that produce their electricity using non-renewable energy are looking for green producers, the various clean energy producers are engaging in a fierce competition to win these lucrative contracts.

Different cities and states of the United States such as Massachusetts and New York 
are starting to offer major deals. Take the example of Massachusetts, which is bidding for 1200MW, which must be produced using renewable methods, preferably wind power or hydroelectricity. Several Canadian producers have proposed one or more offers since they have a large production of renewable energy.

While trade relations between Canada and the United States are uncertain due to the renegotiation of NAFTA and the fact that President Donald Trump has made several outings in the news saying that he doesn’t believe in the production of  ‘renewable energy. The US President suggested he might be opening or even having a change of opinion in green energy .

During a meeting with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg on January 10, when a reporter asked Trump what would be needed for his country back in the Paris agreement, Trump replied with this sentence:

“One of the great assets of Norway is a thing called ‘water’  they have tremendous hydropower, tremendous. In fact most of your energy is produced by hydro”

“I wish we’d do some of that.” – Donald Trump 2018

Could this be an opening on the part of the American president towards renewable energies? In addition, the targeted energy is hydroelectricity, a source of energy more than abundant in Canada. The Canadian offers, mainly Hydro-Québec, for the different contracts could therefore be favored over the others.

Note that a contract of 1200MW of electricity consists of annual revenues of up to several hundred million dollars.

The Norwegian Prime Minister may not only have helped the cause of the environment on January 10, 2018, it could have greatly helped Quebec’s fiscal balance.

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