Yellow Pages Limited reacts to a difficult year by announcing 500 layoffs

Canada’s Yellow Pages Limited (TSX: Y) announced this week 500 layoffs. This initiative aims to cut the cost of operations of the various activities. The company struggled during the course of 2017, having seen its share price fall as low as $ 4.53 CDN. Some analysts suggest that job cuts will help Yellow Pages pay back their debts faster and thus improve their cash flow, which could have a positive impact on the share price.

The company, founded in 1908, faced difficult times in 2012 when the share price fell to $ 0.10 CDN. At that time, Yellow Pages was heavily indebted and in full restructuring. The company was successful due to their selling of assets, such as and Traders.

This new strategy aiming to reduce operating costs is put forward by David Eckert, the new CEO of the company. It is the first time that Yellow Pages has made a serious cuts in operating expenses and it will hopefully improve the company’s cash flow. However, despite the savings generated by job cuts, some analysts suggest a solution similar to that used in 2012 by proposing that it would be advantageous for Yellow Pages to sell assets in order to repay its debts even more quickly.

It seems that Yellow Pages is on the right track by focusing on the efficiency of its activities. It remains to be seen whether this will be enough to get the company back on track as it struggles to keep up with the trend among digital media firms.

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