Gaz métro becomes Énergir

Over time, some companies are moving away from their original area of ​​expertise.In fact, acquisitions and customer needs often force companies to change their product offer.
That’s what happened with Gaz Métro. Even though 55% of their income comes from natural gas, it would be wrong to believe that the company only deals in the distribution of this source of energy. It has developed wind farms, owns solar power from our American neighbors and is Vermont’s largest electricity supplier with Green Mountain Power. The name Gaz Métro therefore cast a shadow over other energy production methods that Énergir uses. Even if the company changes its name, the objective of the company is still the decarbonization of the economy with the same team as before. The different strategies are migrations to cleaner energies such as renewable energies and natural gas and also the reduction of the amount of energy consumed by the customers.
With more than $ 7 billion in assets, Énergir is the main distributor of natural gas in Quebec and Vermont. It also has 21 solar farms in the United States and 44 hydroelectric dams in New England. It is also present in the distribution of energy with more than 520,000 customers. The company seeks to develop renewable energies and the uses of natural gases that are up to 32% less polluting than oil. The natural gas distributed by Énergir is less polluting than the one extracted in the ground, because it invests in the production of natural gas using the organic waste created by homes. The company is listed on the stock exchange under the name of Valener and is mostly owned by major players in the Canadian economy such as the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec and Enbridge.

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