Commercializing Flying Taxis by 2023

UBER’s promise to revolutionize the urban transportation industry is currently ongoing. Imagine going to work in a small electric plane that could cross your city from one end to the other, by 2023. A partnership between UBER and NASA could allow the realization of this major project that aims to reduce commute time and traffic congestion.

This revolutionary transportation method could replace a traditional taxi. For instance, you can reserve your flight trough UBER’s mobile application. Electric aircrafts are also sustainable and could help reduce the amount of cars on the road. Noise and gas emissions would be significantly reduced. In addition, many investors are currently involved in the project including aeronautical manufacturers for the development of vehicles and real estate companies for the supply of landing platforms. Four passengers will have the chance to participate in a first test phase, scheduled for 2020, in Los Angeles, California.

In the near future, it seems fair to say that the aeronautics and transportation industry will undergo major changes with the commercialization of electric aircraft and the arrival of autonomous flights. Many other major market players, such as Boeing and Honeywell, are taking interest in the project. However, does the goal of marketing Flying Taxis by 2020 seem realistic? How will commercial flights and the taxi market be affected?




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