Calgary’s and Saint-John’s mayors want Energy East

The Energy East pipeline announced on August 1st, 2013 is still dividing Canadians accross the country. The mayors of Calgary and Saint John recently reaffirmed their support for TransCanada’s (TSE: TRP) project. The $ 15.7 billion CAN pipeline, which has been controversial since its announcement, is dividing public opinion. Several municipalities and regions of Quebec are against the project.


Mayors Don Darling and Naheed Nenshi met with the press in Alberta on September 22 to reaffirm their support for the project. The 4500 km pipeline would transport oil from Alberta to a marine terminal in New Brunswick. They mentioned that the project was necessary for Canada’s prosperity and that it would create 3,500 full-time jobs in New Brunswick. The news comes after TransCanada asked the National Energy Board (NEB) to suspend the pipeline assessment for 30 days. Quebec’s Environment Minister David Heurtel and several environmental groups have raised concerns about the project that would cross the Outaouais River.

This announcement is another twist in the Energy East saga.  From my point of view, the pipeline which is expected to transport 1.1 million barrels of oil per day, would enrich Canada’s economy. Indeed, the think tank Conference Board of Canada believes that the pipeline could increase the GDP by 55 million CAN$ and create more than 10,000 permanent jobs. However, it is important to assess the risks of potential incidents that could be devastating for the fauna, flora and population of the provinces crossed by the pipeline. A project of this magnitude, while beneficial to the employment and trade sector, could have significant consequences on many other levels.


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